Friday, January 16

Astro Update

Hectic is the word I choose to describe my first full week teaching. New challenges arise when you are "senior" staff, and with each new group of students that come to camp. I survived my first five day group though, and they were wonderful smart, inquisitive, and funny kids; the chaperon was actually my biggest challenge this week, but sometimes that's the case. I also got to try something I've been wanting to try for a long time...the integration of Peeps into my atmosphere and gases class. We usually do experiments with air pressure and liquid nitrogen in which we use marshmallows, but I like the idea of using Peeps because they are festive and make a big impact. Well, I found some snowman Peeps on sale at Fairway this week and I snatched those things up. I'm so glad I did too because the experiments worked perfectly and my kids remembered everything I told them relating to the sugary treats. My lesson for the week, sugar + science = awesome class.

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Anonymous said...

Better use for peeps than eating them. Such clear insite. DOD