Friday, January 16

Once upon a cold blustery night...

At the end of training week the wind was incredibly strong here in Idyllwild. So strong in fact that it knocked a tree down just outside of my apartment, along with several others on the hill. Luckily it crashed through the window just next to my room, instead of into my bedroom; it is also fortunate that no kids were in the dorm at the time because the cacophony was alarming and there was glass everywhere. Some friends were in my apartment when it happened and we could see the tree tip from my kitchen window. The glass shattered, I grabbed my shoes to walk down the hall and power flickered out, then came on again as I opened the door to the student wing. When we entered the dorm hallway we could see window shrapnel all the way into the parallel room.

Kevin and Alex were more than happy to walk into the room to check everything out.

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