Tuesday, January 20

Bring on the Change

I woke up this morning to a knock on my door, "Maintenance!" Apparently the maintenance crew has chosen today to take care of the calcium deposits on our walls in Willow West. So in my groggy state I helped them move all our dishes out of the way.

Which is a small price to pay to get rid of this stuff.

When they finish this weird looking thing will no longer be on our living room wall. Apparently there used to be a projector in the living room and the giant thing on the wall was supposed too be a screen. Maintenance told Zoe and I that they would have to scrape it off the wall and then paint over everything with a special paint that will keep the water from seeping through the brick. All we could say was, "Oh darn, no more ugly box thing painted on the wall." I'll post more pictures when everything is done. In the mean time, since I have today off, I'm hanging out at my parents house where there isn't paint and calcium gunk flaking off all over the place.

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