Saturday, January 31

My Expensive Taste

These are some of my favorites from the Sotheby's Old Masters auction.
"Boy with a Pipe" and "Girl with a Brazier" studio of George de La Tour $542,500

"The Magus Hermogenes Casting His Magic Books into Water" by Lorenzo Monaco $1,426,500

"A Wooded River Landscape with Sportsmen" by Jan Brueghel the Elder $182,500


Anonymous said...

Choose one of the above for when we win the lottery! The new quote by Eugene McCarty - is that SENATOR Eugene Mc of McCarty-ism fame???? Mom

Anonymous said...

If only we had $$$

PS not related to your post but too happy to contain it inside.... Mary Kelly said that "im a joy and a delight" and that she "loves me" I really cant stop beaming over that! Sorry just had to share and i knew you would understand my happiness!

PSS when i say i miss you and we need to Den its more than that its I HAVE TO SEE YOU AND GO TO THE DEN PRONTO!

<3 Lamia