Thursday, February 5

Quick Update

I realize updates have been minimal lately, this is largely because I've been super busy, but also because the LCD screen on my computer has died; it flickers occasionally as if trying to revive itself, but then it turns black and buzzes furiously at me. I'm looking into the option of replacing it because I can't afford a new computer right now, at least not the one I want, and using the computer lab here is a little tedious. Other than that Astrocamp is going pretty well. Though I am currently teaching the most difficult group of kids I've had yet; sixth, seventh, AND eighth graders all in one group. They came from a school in LA and you can tell that they have more concerns than most kids at that age; on our night hike last night I was repeatedly asked how I could be sure that there was no one hiding in the woods, waiting to snatch one of them up. On top of that, I have almost all of the kids with special needs of some sort or another; I know this because as the APC for the group I had to sort through the medical forms to document who has what special need so the instructor of said child could be prepared: I have one kid who has seizures regularly, three kids with ADD, one who I was told "does not do physical activity, don't make her go on the ropes course" (well we're going and I'm not leaving one kid behind no matter how inactive she's accustomed to being), and one kid who has a hearing problem. Once I get classes going, most of the kids do great, but the issue is getting everybody on the same page. Today is really the only full day with this group though, so we shall see how it goes. I have high hopes, not to mention that one of my chaperons is a police officer, so if all else fails I have the law on my side too.

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