Thursday, May 28

Get thee to the Getty!

The Spring season at Astrocamp is finally over! All I can say is that it has been a very long five months, and I am happy for a few days before I have to be back for Summer. I have been told that the summer is a reward for the craziness that is Spring, so hopefully this feeling of relief will last for the next few months. Since many of our instructors are leaving to go do other things, we have all made many airport trips. I volunteered to drive to LAX to drop off my friend James because I know that the Getty is just up the 405 from there. So off we went! Fahim went with me, which was interesting because he claims to think that art is ridiculous. In a way he is right, art is a luxury for those with leisure time and money. Regardless, I did catch him admiring the architecture and the garden. I also noticed how enticed by the Italian painting wing he was; conveniently this is also one of the few galleries that they let visitors take photographs in, so I snuck a shot of him appreciating a gilded scene. The conversion to art snob has begun.

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Anonymous said...

I still think art is ridiculous.