Sunday, May 24

U-G-L-Y You Aint Got No Alibi

I have a friend getting married next month, and I have decided that I will not do what I normally do and procrastinate while choosing what to wear. It's a formal, evening, wedding so I have been looking for a nice dress. Today, however, I was reminded of a website called Thank you Victoria's Secret for making me laugh by categorizing this ugly thing as a "sexy" dress, and for inspiring me to laugh at some other ugly dresses too.


alexae said...

But Kelly, it would be so easy to make this dress out of our old sheets from the early '90's (ooh how about the one with all the dinosaurs on it?) Hot!

Anonymous said...

Dinos are gone, but I have some nasty patched up ones from the yard sale! Just an offer! What are these women thinking?????? Mom

Anonymous said...

You are going to hate me but....I have that dress. It was a gift, and yes I do wear it. Please still be my friend!