Thursday, June 25

Young Love

This week I was approached by a group of our youngest campers, the eight and nine year old boys. They had decided that they liked the eight and nine year old girls and that they wanted to do something for them. After chasing the girls around the meadow failed to work, the boys asked their counselor what to do, and their counselor asked me if I could help them make flowers to give the girls. I agreed to help and before I knew it there were six little boys in my room struggling with tissue paper and pipe cleaners. I had some extra marbled paper for them to use so they used that as well. Here are some of the finished projects.

Here are the boys leaving my classroom with all their projects in hand. The girls were pretty freaked out by the boys' advances, but were happy to receive the cards and flowers; they thanked them for their efforts but politely declined any declaration of relationship status.

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lisa d said...

now that's just adorable.