Tuesday, June 30

The Bruise of Science

While teaching my Atmosphere and Gases class this week I accidentally taught my students about bombs. I was lecturing on liquid nitrogen and filled the "Geyser of Science" with water and liquid nitrogen to demonstrate a point; I secured the spout and let the geyser do it's thing. While it was going off one of my students asked me a question. Distracted by the question, I hadn't noticed that the geyser had become clogged with ice and tipped on it's side. The pressure built, the stopper was pushed off, and the bottle shot across the counter straight into my leg. I took a deep breath as my students shouted about how cool it was.
This is what my leg looked like that afternoon; a mirror image of the bottom of the bottle. Should I use this as an example in my print making class?


Anonymous said...

art, kids, and bombs. you really are a great camp counselor.

Kelly Visel said...

I do what I can.