Friday, July 3

If I were in New York...

...I would definitely make my way to the American Museum of Natural History to see their brand new planetarium show called Journey to the Stars. It's a whole show dedicated to what stars are and the dynamic, changing universe; after reading the review in the New York Times today I found myself wishing I was in New York. The AMNH also has an exhibit called Extreme Mammals, showing through January 2010. Here's an excerpt from the museum site about the exhibit:
Through the use of dynamic media displays, animated computer interactives, hands-on activities, touchable fossils, casts, taxidermy specimens, and a colony of live sugar gliders—extreme marsupials from Australia—the exhibition will highlight distinctive mammalian qualities and illuminate the shared ancestry that unites these diverse creatures.

The exhibition is divided into nine sections—Introduction, What is a Mammal?, What is Extreme?, Head to Tail, Reproduction, Mammals in Motion, Extreme Climates, Extreme Isolation, and Extreme Extinction—and offers extensive detail on the evolutionary history and great family tree of mammals.

Live sugar gliders and reproductions of bizarre, extinct, mammals? Count me in!

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