Saturday, July 4

Across the Universe

Let me catch you up a bit on my art class; I have become the tie dye queen, even though I now refuse to do tie dye with the littlest campers. My reason is that they have a tendency to waste materials and dye themselves, and me, more than is manageable. Instead, I came up with a project that allows the kids to make a mess and use all the materials they want. We painted galaxies; tempera paint, wood plaques, and glitter. The kids went crazy, but it was a better use of materials and it was cool to see how the kids would approach painting a galaxy. I put up examples all over my room.

These are some of my samples.

These are the finished projects.
Some of them ended up more glitter than anything else.
This was my favorite, not because of the finished project but because of the kid who made them. He kept telling me, "They are just too modern...they look so abstract...I hate modern." Oh tortured young artist, that might have been the cutest thing I heard all week.
AJ took his project in a different direction and made me some rockets to get to the galaxy he pictured.

At the end of class I scattered some scrubbing powder on the counter to take off the excess paint and was struck by how much it looked like an abstract expressionist painting. I don't think Benji would like it.

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Anonymous said...

What are they using for galaxy bases? Mom