Thursday, October 29

Wishing You an Inspired Halloween

I am a huge fan of Halloween; while many girls value it as the one holiday they can be super slutty and get away with it, I love it because it's a chance to be creative. It's the time of year that I look at photos on facebook of all my artistic friends and I gain a greater understanding of why we are friends, because I don't see a bunch of cop out store bought costumes and I admire their ingenuity. My childhood friend Molly has already posted some amazing photos of her costume; she is the game Operation. When she wears this there is also a pair of tongs attached to a red cord to remove the white items, as you would in the game. I love it.

I am also impressed by an idea by MAC Makeup to recreate a Roy Lichtenstein painting. If I didn't already have three or four costume ideas I might go with this one; though keeping the hair and makeup perfect all night seems a little too high maintenance for me.

Photo credit to Charmed.

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lamia said...

I was looking at these photos last night on Flavorpill! I love it so much :)