Wednesday, February 24

Into the Woods

I am currently in limbo in terms of my job situation right now; I have been offered the position, agreed to the salary and hours, but I'm still waiting on my background check to clear. This is now day three past when I was supposed to start training and I am more than ready. So, stir crazy, I decided to go for a walk today; I took a long walk from my house, down towards the school, up the creek bed behind Fairway and the Harvest Market. I found myself underneath a specific stretch of the road where the creek runs through a tunnel. I hadn't been in this tunnel in maybe a decade, but it was kind of fun to stand in a position I hadn't been in for awhile. The view was pretty.
The graffiti is...very...ummm...Idyllwild. Example: a pot smoking, footless, bird.
Now this one surprised me; a Stussy symbol. While standing in a location I haven't been in since the 1990s I was surprised to see an emblem that I haven't seen in about as long. Do the taggers come here to play with pogs, talk about the Clinton scandal, and then go home when their pagers go off too?
After my tunnel exploration I continued my walk up towards Fern Valley and marveled at the forest in the mist. It made me think of all the artists over time who draw inspiration from trees and the natural world.
George Seurat
Ansel Adams
Caspar David Freidrich
I don't know who did this one, but it's a lovely Japanese print.
John Frederick Kensett
Gustav Klimt
Georgia O'keefe
Van Gogh
Théodore Caruelle d'Aligny
Such a beautiful day.

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