Thursday, February 25

The Vacant Chair...for life.

Don't worry mom and dad, this is not in the cards for my next tattoo. I say this as if my first (and only, thus far) tattoo was a big deal; I have a tiny lady bug on the inside of my right ankle, so small the artist only charged me the inking fee. I was curious about tattoos, and at eighteen it seemed like a safe bet. I have thought long and hard about what I would get if I ever get another one. Chair, however, has never been an option. I say this after spending a solid year and a half obsessing about vacant chair symbolism for my thesis, understanding the qualities of a vacant chair, how the style represents a personality, how a chair can be a memorial. However, as a permanent tattoo? Ummmm...not likely. This dude though? He has FIVE chair tattoos...FIVE. You can see his ink on All of his work is done by Nick Baxter. I guess I know who to call if I ever change my mind about getting a chair tattoo.


Anonymous said...

Maybe when you get back to it, you could interview the guy with 5 empty chairs and see what he was thinking! Mom

Chuck Damage said...

I wanted a chair tattoo when I was like 14. I don't anymore.

Kelly Visel said...

Unfortunately his reason is kind of lame; he basically explained that he wanted something unusual. Mission accomplished.