Sunday, November 14

Etsy Shadyness

While browsing Etsy awhile ago I found this post with the title A VERY OLD JUG, MUSEUMS CANNOT ID, VALUE A GREAT PIECE. Whoever this is, is asking $3,000 for it and in the description states "I don't know if it is worth a fortune or a few dollars." Actually, here, let me show you the whole description because it needs to be seen.
This is truly a mistery jug. I left it at the Schiele Museum in Gastonia NC for 3 months while Dr. Alan Mayes examined it and had other people look at it. All they could tell me is that is was very, very old and not made in the USA. You will notice the bottom is not flat, it is rounded. I don't know if it is worth a fortune or a few dollars. I am not interested in keeping it, need the money so am going to sell it for what I think is a reasonable amount, considering it might be worth much,much more and again, it might not be. The jug is 40" across and has a 6" mouth. I am including a lot of pictures so you will have a good idea what it is.

Nothing in this post makes me eager to trade $3,000 for a VERY OLD gamble vase. The title makes it sound like many museums have examined this vase and come up with no answers, when the reality is that one man in one natural history research department looked at it. I looked up the museum to be sure that the museum actually exists and so does Dr. Alan Mayes, who is actually Dr. Alan May. Besides, where did this vase come from? What is the provenance of the object? Did he/she find it in a thrift store and think, 'Hmmmm...I bet I could get someone to buy this for about $3,000.' Is it a family heirloom? Did he/she find it on the black market? I'm also confused because the other items he/she's selling are overpriced plastic buttons and tacky costume jewelry. I can only sum this listing up in one word, shady.

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al'xae said...

Not made in the USA... perhaps it was made in China, or in India, or Canada... perhaps it was brought to earth by aliens or Moses... bah, what kind of person would buy this?