Thursday, November 25

Hand Turkey History

When people say "Thanksgiving", most people think of food, family, and a long nap. In addition to that, I think 'Hand Turkey.' You know, the craft we all made as children and brought home for our parents. It's the simplest way to represent the holiday in tempera and colored paper. While I am all about high art and museum quality works of creation, I still recall fondly where my appreciation of art came from; the hand turkey is part of that. For a tongue in cheek take on the history of the hand turkey, follow this link, and find an illustrated history by Accumulated Errata. In addition to that, here are some creative takes on the hand turkey I found on Flickr.


Lamia said...

This doesn't have anything to do with turkeys or thanksgiving, but it's worth checking out. Pop Music + History = these amazing videos!!!

Kelly Visel said...

Nice! I love it!

sarah said...

Jive turkey is my favorite. And the tattoo turkey.