Saturday, December 18

I know, I'm a neglectful blogger, and whatever apologies are in order I extend them to you all. I can't believe that it's already the eighteenth of December and I haven't posted anything since Thanksgiving. My only excuse for not posting is that I've felt utterly uninspired; this is not exclusive to my blog either. At work I have become the teller in charge of creating the white board display that tells customers about current offers and rates. I really do enjoy drawing on the white board, but ours has been sitting blank behind my counter for a little more than a week now. I know it's there, I can see it in my peripheral vision while I work on other things. Granted, I get paid to do these other things that are arguably more important than telling people that they could qualify for an auto loan with an APR as low as 5.25%! Which you can, if you have an amazing credit rating and are looking at cars that coast $15,000 or more. Another example of my creative slump includes the fact that it took almost two weeks to get around to decorating the lobby of the bank; another task "the creative teller" has been assigned to help with for the various holidays. I also have a couple eyelash orders that I've been procrastinating on making and a Christmas project that I have about five days to finish. I know all these projects are floating out there waiting for completion, I just can't get into them, my creative juices aren't flowing. Maybe tomorrow...or Monday. I do still enjoy other people's creativity though. For instance, check out this cool Christmas tree made out of green books at Juniper Books in Colorado. I think I might make a Visel tree like this one next year.

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Juniper Books is back with a new take on the Christmas Tree of books see