Saturday, May 21

A Return to Creative Spaces

I have been a slacker...again...when it comes to this blog. From time to time this happens; the tides of creativity and spare time rush back to where they came from and my blog is stuck on a dry shore post with an image that even I grow tired of seeing when I visit this page. However, inspiration struck yesterday while looking through the most recent Rolling Stone magazine, which features a tribute to Bob Dylan, who is turning 70 this year. While reading the article about him I noticed how many amazing photos there are of Bob Dylan; strongly contrasted black and white images, made more dramatic by the distinctive characteristics of Dylan's face and figure. However, when I went online tonight to find photos for discussion I found this one instead and decided to take the bunny trail:

It brought me back to my post on creative spaces. The description from the Rolling Stone website says that he's writing in a workspace above a cafe in Woodstock in 1964. The five packs of cigarettes, bottle of wine, and coffee mug in the foreground form and interesting contrast to the neatly organized tools and drafting board in the background. I have to say that this is one of the more interesting creative space photos I've seen so far. So thank you Robert Zimmerman, for bringing about some inspiration, and have a very happy 70th birthday sir.

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