Sunday, June 19

Another Pint Please...

As I browsed through grill recipes online today, I stumbled across a blog that I have to share; Another Pint Please... It's a blog full of delicious grilling ideas like Feta & Herb Portabellos, Cedar Wrapped Asian Salmon, and "The Fatty" (a cheese stuffed sausage, wrapped in bacon, and grilled). There are also home brews and tips for growing hops. Needless to say, it's a cool blog, you should check it out.


geoff montenegro said...

wow, i don't even eat meat and that made me salivate


geoff montenegro said...

also, i must say i started following your blog because it happened that it had imagery depicting strange and ancient rituals performed by the japanese in the hopes of expelling a demon... or something;
i felt obligated to keep tabs, lol

Mike said...

Hi Kelly - Thanks so much for the post about my blog. I'm glad you liked it enough to share, that was very, very cool of you!