Sunday, July 3

Sarah Joncas

I recently found an artist with some amazing work, Sarah Joncas. She's a Canadian born artist whose work instantly called up images of other artists I love. Here's a selection of her work:

"The All Seeing"

"Lucifer's Bride"

"Another Fish"

"Part of Me"
Now here are some of the artists that Sarah's work reminded me of. Most immediately I thought of the Austrian, symbolist painter, Gustav Klimt.

"Gold Fish" by Klimt

"Study for the Beethoven Freeze" by Klimt
Next I thought of the movie 'Corpse Bride' by Tim Burton. Specifically because of the elongated necks and large exaggerated eyes of the women she depicts, but also because of the darker imagery in some of Sarah's final creations.
Along those same lines, I also thought about Girolamo Francesco Maria Mazzola (aka Parmigianino) ; Italtian Mannerist painter from the 16th century. He was known for his elongated style of figure painting. Below is a segment from his painting "Madonna with the Long Neck."
I also noticed that many of the women in Sarah's paintings look pretty similar, which usually indicates that the artist likes a specific model. In this case, I kind of suspect that the model is Sarah herself; she has strikingly similar characteristics to the women in her paintings. I really love her work though and, as always, encourage you to check out her work for yourself.

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