Sunday, July 17

Judith G. Klausner "From Scratch"

Cameos carved from Oreo cookies. My immediate draw to Judith Klausner's work is because I find this to be an incredibly creative use of snack food. The dimensions of an Oreo are perfect for creating cameos. Upon visiting her website I found her other creations. Many of them are a WHOLE lot less appetizing. She uses baby teeth and nail clippings as a medium as well as floss, insect wings, wax, and remnants from deceased praying mantis'. I encourage you to check them out, but before you do, here are some images that might prompt you to get a glass of milk and enjoy.

Klausner also made wallpaper from condiments.
And embroidered toast.
What is her motivation behind her "From Scratch" series? I'll let here statement do the explaining:
My work is about choice. As a woman in the twenty-first century, I can choose to spend my day baking a loaf of bread, or to grab a package off a grocery store shelf after a long day at work. I can choose to spend my evenings embroidering. I can choose to combine these things and call it art.

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Anonymous said...

Oreo cameos OK, but yeah, some of her other stuff? ICK! Mom