Friday, September 6

Where Do I Even Start?

I work so much My nine to five eight to five job has become a HUGE amount of extra work. We are were so short staffed that I had been working forty five hour weeks; now it's back to forty hours, but I am also training two new employees which is a lot more tedious than just being responsible for myself. On top of that I have a second job, need time to work out so I don't go crazy, and somewhere in there I have time with friends and family...oh...and sleep. Needless to say, my blogger inspiration has been at an all time low. Tomorrow is my first full Saturday off in months, and now that work is slowing down a bit I feel my creative juices starting to ebb a little.

Let's start off slow; let me introduce you to the Khan Academy. What is the Khan Academy? Well, have you ever wondered if you should jump in and study a little history? Perhaps brush up on your math? The Khan Academy is a free learning portal where you can choose a topic and enrich your mind through videos, interactive activities, and knowledge assessments. I was curious, but also skeptical, so I started with a topic I know a lot about and can use as a litmus test for the topics I am less familiar with. The Art History section is actually quite extensive, and the videos I watched were factually accurate as well as engaging. If you are a perpetual student, I highly recommend you check out this program.

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