Wednesday, November 29

Fall Studio Art Show

One of the requirements to graduate with a studio degree from Chapman is to present your work in at least one student show. This semester happens to feature a bunch of my friends, so here's a small taste of the 2006 Fall show. The flowers, by Neil, are made out of straws and cups in an effort to make something beautiful out of trash. The velvet painting, one of four that parody our resident donor portraits, were done by Lamia; these have been interpreted in many different ways, but began as a humorous take on the strange images that loom out at us from every donated wall. The robot/jellyfish painting is by Jen; I don't know her motive behind the robot image, but she paints a lot of them, and a couple were in the show I currated last year. The giant mouth is by Amanda, the concept of this is that it isn't ever finished. Every time she changes it she takes a picture (which were displayed next to the large painting) in order to illustrate that the artist is always restless with the state of completion.

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