Monday, July 2

To work in a museum you must have museum experience. To get museum experience you have to work in a museum. But wait...I can't work in a museum to get the experience without having prior experience. AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! Come on people! Give a girl a break here!

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alexae said...

KB; You worked at the illustrious Idyllwild Historical Society Museum... besides that everybody KNOWS that you have to start somewhere, tell them that you are young and enthusiastic and smart... write a sparkeling cover letter and ASK them for the opportunity to get some experience. Call the people who are hiring for these jobs and sell your glorious self, even if they cannot hire you they will probably be willing to give you pointers. It takes perserverance to break in but you can do it, job descriptions are all about their IDEAL candidate, not nessicarily who they are actually going to find. Don't despair!